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Hi Everyone from Ellerslie 2017 teams playing in the AFF competitions,

The fixtures (draws) for the first two weeks of the 2017 grading round are now available to view on the Auckland Football website, as some of you may have already noticed. However, I was attempting to send this message to you overnight and there were issues with both clubhub in trying to send this message, and also on the fixtures page of the Auckland Football website where it appears that some of the 13th and 14th grades may be being reviewed as they didn't seem to be there. So if you are in either of those grades and can't find your game at the moment, don't worry, it is getting sorted out and I will send the list of all the 13th and 14th grade divisions through once it has been sorted.

For most teams there will be no games for the two weeks after the schedule currently finishes with the first week being Easter and the second being the middle week of the school holidays. The fixtures for the weeks after that should be made available during the school holidays if not beforehand. They will in most cases just be the remainder of the grading round.

For 14th grade and above Metro and/or Conference divisions and any other divisions who are not having a grading round, in most cases the fixtures for the full season are available already, but they are still subject to changes of time and venue for the usual reasons.

Everyone, please remember to check for cancellations and/or late changes after 6pm on Friday each week before your games. Where there has been particularly bad weather overnight on Fridays before your Saturday game, you should also check the website again on Saturday morning before going to your game in case there have been any further late changes. If there have been any more changes it will usually be noted on the home page of the Auckland Football website with a link to the individual fixtures although occasionally a “block” cancellation or postponement will be noted there before the individual games have been updated. Please check your game carefully because in previous seasons the cancellations or postponements have not always been obvious to see, with sometimes the only change to the games being a note of either “postponed” or “cancelled” on the top left hand side of the grey frame around the outside of the relevant individual game, in a colour that is not always clearly obvious to see.

Even at this time of the year there can still be a few late changes due to some grounds being unavailable for reasons other than weather, such as maintenance being required after the end of the summer sport season, so please do check on Fridays to make sure that there haven’t been any changes made.

Before I go on to the fixtures information here are a couple of reminders that you should be aware of before the season starts next Saturday.

If you are playing a game at Michaels Ave Reserve artificial turf, or are there for training at any time, please abide by the rules for the use of the artificial turf and also make sure that any opposition team that you are playing against at the turf is also aware of the rules. There are signs on the fence that you can refer them to if necessary. Any parent from the team can talk to the opposition about this, it does not have to be the coach. Remember they are your fields as well, so please help us look after them. Some of you may have “home” games scheduled at Ngahue Reserve turf this year and it has similar rules.

Teams that are rostered to perform grounds duty each week will be notified by email. When a team is rostered for grounds duty, it is expected that the parents and caregivers of the team will do the duty, not the coach or players as they will be getting ready for the game or having a team talk afterwards. It will usually involve setting up cones and moving the goals around for the younger grades or putting nets and corner flags up and/or taking them down for the older grades, so is not too onerous. It may seem that you are rostered on for several weeks in a row, but it is basically the first teams that are needing to use the small goals will be asked get them out and the last ones to use them will be asked to put them away etc., so if you happen to be the first or last team for several weeks in a row, that will be the reason why you have been asked so often.

  1. would be appreciated if all parents from the team help with the grounds duty whenever possible and do not expect that other parents will cover for you each time. If you are using the excuse that you don’t have the correct footwear for the turf, as stated in other years we do not expect that the parents that are helping us should have to buy appropriate footwear just so that they can help with ground duties, however if you do already have some of the approved footwear it would be appreciated if you wear it while you are on the turf. If you do not have the appropriate footwear, then please leave the turf as soon as possible after you have finished the ground duties. Please be fair to the other parents in your team and do your share of helping as well, and do not expect the coach to organise the grounds duty, he or she will be busy enough organising the team. The goals for quarter and half field games are actually much lighter than they look, so it does not need to always be the “dads” that have to shift the goals for those games, and the more people that help, the easier it is and the sooner it will be done. We thank you in advance for your help with the grounds duties over the season.

Now, back to the fixtures - If you know how to find your fixtures from previous seasons the procedure is still the same this year as it was last year, and to help you locate which division you should be looking for your team in, a list is being sent to each grade separately to save having to look through one long list.

Please note that once the fixtures for the season have been displayed (for most grades there are only two weeks there at present) they are still subject to change from week to week, so don’t just print off the fixtures for the season and think that you have the correct list for the rest of the games, you will still need to check each week in case there have been any changes. The Auckland Football website is the most accurate source of information about your games. At present, many of the age grades are just competing in “grading” rounds so the divisions that I am sending to you separately will only refer to the first part of the season, and then after the grading rounds have been completed there will probably need to be changes made to which division you look for to find your games. A new list of divisions will be sent at the completion of the grading rounds once the “competition” round of games is available.

You can stop reading now if you know how to find your fixtures although there is a summary at the end that may be useful to you.

Instructions on how to find your fixtures follow here for everyone new to Ellerslie AFC this year, and to those who need a reminder from previous seasons:-

Fixtures for all grades can be found on the Auckland Football website www.aucklandfootball.org.nz this will take you to the home page where you will see near the top of the page a few different selections, one of which is Fixtures & Results. Click on that and you will be taken to the page where the fixtures can be found.

To find the fixture for your team you can either click on the relevant grade or title near the top of this page which will take you straight to the appropriate place on the page, or you can just scroll down the page until you find the grade that you are looking for.

At the appropriate place on the page you will need to click on the correct “division” or “group” that your team has been placed in.

To save you having to figure out which “division” or “group” your team has been placed in, I am sending a separate email to each grade that will list which division or group each of the teams in that grade have been placed in, and will also include any instructions specific to that grade.

For cancellations and postponements, I have already noted above about checking each Friday so you should refer to those instructions, but please also note that once the late changes for the week have been fully updated to the website a message will usually be placed on the home page of the Auckland Football website that will have a heading something like “Fixtures Changes” followed by the relevant date. Changes are sometimes gradually added during the day on Friday, and therefore it is not until the message appears on the home page that you can be sure that the changes have all been finalised. If you see a change during the day it may sometimes be changed again before all the changes are finalised which is why I have said to check after 6pm on Friday nights, as by that time the late changes message has usually been posted to the home page, so the information for your game will be accurate. However very occasionally the late changes message is even later than 6pm, so if the message is not on the home page at 6pm, there may still be further changes to be done, and therefore you should check again after the message appears.

For games at Michaels Ave Turf (Michaels Ave 1FT) we are able to add “sub field” numbers to the fixtures so that you know which part of the turf you will be playing on. However, these numbers have previously also sometimes appeared in the same part of the frame that I have already talked about for the late changes and cancellations at the start of this message. They may be hard to see when you first look for them, but once you know where to look you should be able to find them quite easily. Please note though that the “sub field” numbers have to be added manually, so they are usually only added during the week that the games are going to be played and will not be there in advance like the main venue is. Michaels Ave 1FT is the main venue name for the Michaels Ave turf and the 1FT only refers to it being field number 1 (the whole field) at Michaels Ave (the lower fields are Michaels Ave 2, 3, 4 and 5) and FT refers to it being an (artificial) Football Turf. So if you are in one of the grades 6th to 12th inclusive (and 13th grade girls) and you have a game shown as Michaels Ave 1FT you should look for the “sub field” number in the top of the grey frame around your game so that you know which part of the Turf you will need to go to for your game. Half field games on the lower fields will also have the “Sub Field” number added so that you know which half of the field your game is on.

A link to the field layout for the subfield numbers at Michaels Ave Reserve is given here so that you can find out which part of the turf your game will be played on http://www.ellersliefootball.org.nz/grounds.php - this page has links to the field layout maps for the various grades. The grades stated apply to both boys/mixed and girls only grades apart from 13th grade girls only who will use the same field numbering as the 11th and 12th grades. (i.e. half fields)

To find the games for following weeks there is a place near the top of the page that the games are on that has “Round” number. You can either click on each round individually to see that particular week’s games or you can click on “All” to see all the rounds that are available to view at present. As previously mentioned, there are only two weeks (rounds) there at the moment. More rounds will be released once the initial ground allocations for the following weeks have been done.

If a game is postponed, it will still appear in the same “round” that it was originally shown, but the date and venue will be amended to a replacement date and venue once the game has been rescheduled if the same procedure as last year is followed again by Auckland Football.

For those of you who don’t know what “bye” means. If you have “bye” listed for a particular week, it means that there is no game organised for that week. It is usually because there are an odd number of teams in your division, but there are occasionally other reasons that there will be a bye as well, and also if another team is added to your division (as happens sometimes near the start of the grading round and the competition round) or one leaves the division after the fixtures have been done, it could result in a bye being removed (or added) depending on whether there is an odd or even number of teams left in the division. That is another reason the check your fixtures each week and not just assuming that once they are there they are going to stay like that for the remainder of the season.

There is a lot of writing to read through above, so in summary for the fixtures information:-

  1. Look at the Fixtures & Results page on the Auckland Football website www.aucklandfootball.org.nz to find your games.

  2. Check for late changes after 6pm Friday each week.

  3. Check again on Saturday morning before going to your game if there has been a lot of rain overnight.

  4. Look at the top part of the grey frame around the game for messages about sub field numbering and also cancellations and postponements.

  5. Sub field numbering is only added manually and will not be there much in advance of your game, but it tells you which part of the field your game will be played on.

  6. Girls only teams need to look for their field layouts on the equivalent sized fields that the boys/mixed grades use except for 13th Girls only who will have the same field layouts as 11th and 12th grades (half fields)

  7. A list of which division to find your team in is being sent separately to each grade.

  8. The “rounds” are in date order to start with, but any postponed games will still appear under their original “round” number with updated information about date and venue once they have been rescheduled.

  9. You can click on “All” by the rounds to get the complete list of all the rounds that are currently available to view.

  10. If you have a “bye” no game has been organised for that week, but there are occasions when the schedule will be amended to add a game if there has been an extra team enter or withdraw from the competition that changes the number of teams in your group/division, so you should still check after 6pm on Friday as usual.


I hope you have an enjoyable season.