Ellerslie AFC



Welcome to another weekend of games at Michaels Ave - the grounds have been a hive of activity since the lower fields were fully reopened at the beginning of this season.
We wanted to share a couple of things with you that might make your match day experience a little easier!

Your Game - Always check before you leave the house to see if game has changed, obviously AFF try to not change things too much but sometimes in wetter weather in particular late changes are un-avoidable
Best place to check this is on www.aff.org.nz - or if you have our Ellerslie AFC app you can jump straight to their website using the Football draws button.

Travel and Parking - Always allow a little more time than you may need as parking around the Reserve can be a bit tricky with Footballers, YMCA members and the general public all converging on the park.
Here is a tip though - try parking on Michaels Avenue by the lake, it's only a short walk from there to the fields, probably about the same distance as walking from the lower carpark to the upper field.
If you do park in the reserve - please watch your speed when your driving as there are heaps of kids all around.

Spectating - We encourage all our members family and friends to come and watch, we do ask a few little things however - please be mindful of all signs asking people to take care of footwear etc - these signs are here to make our facilities last for as long as they can so all our members can enjoy them.
Anywhere near a sportsfield is a non-smoking area, so we appreciate your consideration of this.
Dogs do need to be on a leash while sport is being played - this is for everyones safety even if your dog is really just a cuddly little thing.

If you do have any issues please dont' hesitate to come over to the club office which is located at the Artificial Field end of the changing room block - there are draws and field maps posted there and you may bump into Ryan, Lynette or Tim who can help you if you have a really tricky question.

Thanks for your time and enjoy your matchday!