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Remembering Member Login Details

ClubHub can turn on the ability for a member to have their username and password remembered, ready for the next login. To have this functionality available

Note: remembering the login details is not appropriate where a computer might be used by more than one person with access to ClubHub, since someone could login and have access to inappropriate Club functions. ClubHub will not enable this functionality for clubs that feature family registration.

With the functionality turned on members will be asked to tick a checkbox if they want to have that browser on that computer remember the username and password.

If "remember me" is ticked the next time they go to the login page their details are pre-filled in, and they just press Login.

Additionally, they can be automatically and directly logged in to either the purchasing page or to purchase a specific product by using the links shown in the ClubHub Link Report

Using this a Club can ask members to purchase a product via email, and one click (if they have remembered their login details) puts the member into the purchase area.

Caution: ClubHub has no control over the browser members use, nor how those browsers are set up. It's possible that in some cases this functionality will not work.


If you have questions about using ClubHub software or about your status within the Club then please address those questions to Jenny Luckhurst on, or by phone on +971 50 459 8603.
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